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About TY Holtan

Ty Holtan is a Squamish, B.C based photographer, who is passionate about capturing the beauty and power of athleticism and the great outdoors. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the human form in motion and specializes in athletic and trail race photography, producing stunning images that truly capture the spirit of the sports and the athletes who excel in them.

In addition to sports photography, Ty also excels in portraiture, creating compelling portraits that bring out the personality and character of the subject. Whether it's a posed studio shot or a candid moment captured in the midst of action.

With years of experience and a love for adventure, Ty is known for going the extra mile to get the perfect shot, often braving the elements and pushing the limits of their own athleticism to capture the moment. This commitment to their craft has earned Ty a reputation as one of the most dedicated and skilled photographers in Squamish.

When not behind the lens, Ty can often be found exploring the rugged natural beauty of British Columbia and its surrounding areas, seeking out new angles and perspectives to capture in their photography. Whether you're an athlete looking to document your achievements, a company seeking dynamic and inspiring images for your marketing materials, or simply an admirer of great photography, Ty is the perfect choice to bring your vision to life.